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E-Learning Expectations, Readiness and Satisfaction Levels for Pedagogical Proficiency Students

ABSTRACT: With the development of Information and Communication Technologies the use of these technologies has taken place in education. One of the best-known applications for the use of information and communication technologies in education are e – learning applications. E-learning is often used in areas such as distance learning applications, as it provides speed and cost savings in access to information. In this study, it was aimed to evaluate the expectation, readiness and satisfaction of e-learning students in Distance Education and Pedagogical Proficiency Education at Van Yüzüncü Yıl University Faculty of Education. It is thought that the results will contribute to the improvement of similar education practices. Relational screening model was used in the study. Participants’ expectations, readiness, and satisfaction were examined by gender, department, and previous experience of e-learning. Criteria sampling method was used for the purpose of the research and 75 students participated in the expectation and readiness study at the beginning of the semester and 70 students participated in the satisfaction study a t the end of the semester. It can be said that there is a high expectation of education based on distance education, but some of these expectations can not be met, but
generally there is a satisfaction.