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Optical Form Determination and Scoring With Android

ABSTRACT: Nowadays, the majority of people have smartphones. With these smartphones, hundreds of transactions are made every day, providing a simplicity at every point of our lives. The rational use of smartphones in the education world brings both the reduction of workload and the easier time management. Sometimes you have not been able to read the optical forms you used for various purposes or encountered many problems such as jamming, double-crossing, stopping reading while reading in the optical reader. We wanted to make a contribution to the comfort created by writing a mobile application called “OPTICAL FORM DETERMINATION AND SCORING WITH ANDROID” in order to enable smooth reading regardless of any optical reader brand and model without experiencing these and similar problems. The program passes the questionnaire received by the camera through the answer key, which was previously entered into the system quickly, and scored a score of 100 by finding out the grades that the student has entered and found the true/false/blank numbers. This system instantly reads the paper and informs the student how quickly he takes the exam. It also digitally prints out how much you cross on paper with red color and archives it.

With this system, both educator/teacher can get rid of workload and can read these notes quickly and upload them to student information systems in excel format. Scanner side scanners and external cameras will not be required to read optical forms. You do not have to make any effort to read the forms. You can even read the form in a matter of 2 seconds with the automatic reading option. Therefore, the applica tion will be economically more advantageous and user-friendly. The Java language is used when writing the application and the OpenCV library is used at the image processing point. Having the application open-source is a good source for future scientists.